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Hey There

As the soundtrack to Mulan plays in the background and I write this introduction I’m very much aware of how similar to Mulan I really am. I’m an only girl with three brothers. I love being rough and tough but I also like being all dressed up. I’m the second oldest at 25 and the first one out of all us to be engaged.

I didn’t always want to be a graphic designer. Sometimes I still doubt I’m in the right field. It mostly depends on exactly what field of my graphic design skills i’m focusing on. When I’m taking and editing photos, I adore it. If I’m doing layout for work or just for fun, I’m pretty content knowing it’ll look good. Ask me to design a web page and I will visibly cringe. It’s really not my strong point, web design. Well, more so the actual coding of wed design.

It’s a common misconception though that all graphic designers are adapt at all the different medians the job descriptions involves. This is a complete lie actually. I’m great with editing, video, photo and music. I have an eye (or so I like to tell myself) for laying out graphics and text and making them look great on a page. A friend of mine Rachel is BRILLIANT with Maya. Another friend of mine Rich is AMAZING with web design. We all have our strong points and areas we like doing more.

I started this blog to help myself get more feedback on the numerous projects I like to throw myself into. As well as spreading the knowledge I’ve learned over the years. For example, here’s on of my favorite photos I just recently finished editing. It was taken back in Christmas of 14 but I want to try something new with it. Something with a lot of contrast. I quite like it.



Till next time!

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