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Taste the Color

Color. In any design project, color is a key aspect. In my personal opinion color changes everything. Even the absence of color creates a different feel to a piece. A sunset of red and orange isn’t quite the same without the color. A thunderstorm with a lightning striking splitting the sky feels so much more powerful in black and white. Color speaks.

The photograph below is one i’ve edited from my personal engagement sessions. I like both pictures to be honest. The green of the trees, grass, and shrubbery, give the colors in my dress and my fiance’s shirt a bit of a pop. The red brick, the yellow of my dress, the blue of Billy’s shirt all flow so well together. The edited black and white version shows the contrast between us though. His light to my dark. Both picture give a different feeling to the viewer mostly because of the color.



It can be hard at times, in photography, creating an ad, or even designing a logo to know what colors to choose. In photography for instance, the subjects clothes should match their surroundings and both subject should complement the others. Blue and yellow are very common complementary colors which is precisely why I choose them. I find it easy to pull up a color scheme when trying to find colors that intertwine well.

A favorite website of mine is It allows you to choose any color from a color wheel, as well as enter an RGB value and then find it’s complementary, triad, tetrad, analogic and accent analogic color. It’s been very helpful to me.

Sometimes, just doing what feels right works well too. In art, and I consider graphic design an art, the beauty is it’s uniqueness. Three colors might not being logically complementary but can still find a way to work together. It’s really all about how you use them!

TIll next time!

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