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Let’s put a little line and shape in it

Two of my favorite aspects of design other than color are line and shape. A line can be so much more then straight and so much more than just there. In a layout it’s used as a divider but it’s all used to add color. If you zoom far enough out of and InDesign file you can see how the page forms more lines than you thought. It also starts to form shapes that fit together like a puzzle. The story, the headline, the photo captions, all of them are lines and shapes. You see the page in a whole new way you focus on how it’s edges line up and how the photo fits into the design.


In photography line and shapes can also be incorporated. The line of a horizon separates the photo. It gives it structure and leads the eye of the viewer across the page. They also simulate movement. A skyscraper photo, taken from the base leads the eye up and  shows the height and power of the building. Shape can be obvious or abstract. An array of squares all forming rectangles. An outline of curves among squares.

IMG_20140405_084043 20130807_143923 20130813_122248

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