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Underrated Tools Used by Layout Designers and Crafters [Opinion]

I find myself recently more often having to sketch things out before I commit to making them. I am not a drawing artist, or at least I don’t like my drawing abilities most of the time. I do love layout drawing though. While most layout designers would go instantly to InDesign, I find something very useful with plain old paper.

Layout/Craft Paper Design Tools

Sure, you have to start out drawing some lines, erasing, redrawing, erasing the scribbles your daughter left while you weren’t looking, more lines and more erasing but it’s worth it in the end.

I usually have a pretty good idea of what I’m looking for when I start sketching my layouts, and I could go straight to InDesign if I wanted. But I can get a clear picture of things I want to include with paper such as making notes of sizes, doing simple math on the pages, seeing how it looks in whatever book or planner I’m currently making, and even cutting paper to lay on top.

The ability to make notes you can save for when you need them is a great asset.

Paper aside, there are more simple tools like a ruler, geometry compasses, and paper clips which are all useful. Rulers are pretty important for paper layouts because you have to measure obviously and draw straight lines. I love my geo compass the best though. I can’t draw circles or arches free hand, I mean who can! It’s probably my favorite underrated tool. Look at that curve (below), its perfect! A bit too long maybe but perfect! I cant be the only one who still uses these.

Geometry compasses are great for circles, arcs, and even shapes when used with a ruler.

Want to know something fun I like to do? Of course you do. Binder paper clips make great shapes. It takes a little illustrator magic to turn the shape into something I can use, but it’s sure fun to make!

It takes a lot of thought for layout but also in making all my crafts. I use all these tools when planning sewing projects, making planner clips, and even the layout for my daughter’s room (before I use an online floor planner).

I love my computer, it’s like my first born child. I use it for so many aspect of all my project but there’s something special about paper and pencil.


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