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Monday Movie Monologue – The Little Mermaid

A quick look in my Etsy shop and you’ll find art from all the fandoms and movies I love. The very first text art I made was for The Little Mermaid. Despite popular belief, especially since my hair is currently red, Ariel isn’t my favorite princess. I like her okay as Disney Princesses go, and I love her ride at Disney, but I’ve always gotten a bit annoyed watching the movie.

Ronoh Designs The Little Mermaid Text Art

There’s always the common reason of her being 16 and thinking she knows what’s good for her. Watching her literally run away from home is pretty ridiculous. What really gets me though and I’ve noticed this even as a kid, she’s so greedy and discontent with the life she has.

First of all, she’s only sixteen years old. I loved being 16. She has no job, no responsibilities and a great family. Maybe the only things she missing is more friends who aren’t fish and I’m sure the ocean is full of those. Yet she sings about how none of that is good enough for her.

But who cares, no big deal. I want more

I mean sure, you’re probably saying, she just wanted more out of life. She wanted to be on land, with people and free. Except she was literally free to do whatever in the water. On land she’d have to get a job, be responsible, and not be free at all. In the original story the prince doesn’t even end up with her. She turns to seafoam.

I’ll probably watch the little Mermaid thousands of times because I could jam to the songs all day. Ariel could’ve been a little more grateful in my opinion though.

Ronoh Designs Little Mermaid Book Page Art

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