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Monday Movie Monologue – Harry Potter

September! I always get so very excited for september. I didn’t always though, since September also means back to school but as I’ve gotten older it’s also meant other things.

It means fall is coming, Halloween is on it’s way (a great reason to play dress up in my opinion), my best friend Col’s birthday and of course BACK TO HOGWARTS. I’ve seen the Harry Potter series of movies and read the books so many times but every year in September I always do it again. Since opening my shop I release a Harry Potter inspired print September 1st (the day Hogwarts goes back to school) and this year is Dumbledore.

I’ll tell you this, every time I watch the Harry Potter movies I find reason to wonder how much Dumbledore simply just let go. He obviously knew that Harry was a horcrux. He knew Snape real reason for changing sides. He knew Sirius didn’t kill Harry’s parents. He knew Remus was a werewolf. He knew everything. All of it. He just let Harry run around for most of the year not knowing anything. Honestly, he let him run around most of his 6 years of school knowing nothing.

Harry was just as bad in some case though. Dumbledore gave him so many chance to tell him what was going on and he just choose not to.

Harry waited nervously while Dumbledore considered him, the tips of his long fingers together. ‘I must ask you, Harry, whether there is anything you’d like to tell me,’ he said gently. ‘Anything at all.’

Dumbledore Room

And Harry says nothing! Every time I watch this part in the movie I grumble about him telling Dumbledore he’s hearing voices in the walls. Sometimes I yell at the screen. You would think he would trust him enough to tell him after what happen last year but no. He just leaves and Dumbledore knows. He 100% knows that Harry is lying and that he’ll end in the Chamber of Secrets before the year is out.

I adore Harry Potter. It’s quite possibly my second favorite fandom on most days. I could stand though to have an alternate version where Dumbledore doesn’t leave Harry in the dark his whole life. You still have to respect the man in the end though. He did what he thought was right and boy do I still cry when I watch him die in the movie (much saider in the book but I’m not going to compare the two today or we’ll be here forever)

Rant Over

Staging Room Multiframe

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Dumbledore Text Art

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