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Monday Movie Monologue – Coco

Let me preface this by saying I don’t actually believe in the Day of the Dead but man did I love the movie CoCo. I’m a sucker for a good family pixar movie. My heartstring were definitely pulled while watching this, especially at the end. I mean when Miguel and Mama CoCo sing the “Remember Me” song together. Tears. So many tears.

There are things though about this movie that are confusing and annoy me. (What did you expect) There’s the the normal gripe everyone has about where in the world Hector got that photo of himself. Who dies with a photo of themselves in their pocket, unless he stole from Imelda. She obviously still loved him so she could’ve had a photo with her when she died. That makes sense.

Also, here’s a thought, shouldn’t Miguel have been a little suspicious a bit earlier.  The first words Ernesto says to him after his confession are how he’s surprised about having a grandson.

MIGUEL: “I’m Miguel. Your great-great grandson.”

More murmuring from the crowd. De la Cruz is shocked.

DE LA CRUZ: I… have a great-great grandson?

Miguel Room

Even if he was a flirt I feel as famous as he was there had have been someone who would’ve told him if he had a son. He seems so generally surprised, too surprised. And I have to admit it wasn’t until this scene that I realized Hector was actually his great grandfather before the whole Ernesto killed me scene confirmed it. I hope I’m not the only one who was so slow on that reveal.

Also, I guess we’re supposed to assume the time it took Hector to leave the place of the dead and get back to the living, run all the way home and sing that song with Mama Coco was just enough time. Of course, I knew he’d make it but still I feel like he shouldn’t have.

I’m actually really in the mood to watch this movie again. I cannot stop singing Un Poco Loco under my breath at the most random moments. It really is just the right amount of sap for a movie.

End Rant

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