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Monday Movie Monologue – Sleeping Beauty

This might be unpopular opinion but I can not be the only person who despises Aurora. I can barely bring myself to watch Sleeping Beauty anymore without ranting the whole movie about how she simply did nothing at all. I mean absolutely nothing.

She’s born and immediately cursed because no one thought that not inviting literally the most powerful person in the realm to their princess’ birth wouldn’t’ have consequences. When she’s older she runs willy nilly around the forest with a bunch of animals pretending to dance with a man and then falls in love with the first guy she meets because he’s says a cheesy line.

Phillip: But don’t you remember? We’ve met before!

Briar Rose: We, we have?

Phillip: Of course, You said so yourself: Once upon a dream!


Malifecent FramePhillip Frame






Not too long later she follows a green ominous light and pricks her finger. Who follows green ominous lights anyways. Aurora clearly has no common sense or will power. So of course she pricks her finger and literally is asleep for pretty much the rest of the movie.

I will give the movie this, Phillip is a pretty awesome guy. He manages to single handedly defeat Maleficent in dragon form. As someone who is an avid Kingdom Hearts fan that isn’t an easy feat and he deserves some praise. I at least had magic, a keyblade and Donald and Goofy to help and he does it alone.

I’m not in any kind of rush to watch this movie again or the others like it (here’s looking at you Snow White) especially not with my daughter. I’m sorry but I’m much more a fan of the Disney Princess’ who didn’t literally hide and sleep and have to have a Prince save them.

End Rant

Aurora Multiframe-RecoveredPhillip MultigrameMalifcent Multigrame






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Aurora in Text Wall Art

Phillip in Text Wall Art

Maleficent in Text Wall Art


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