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Weekly Planner Thoughts – 3 Planner Folder Hacks

In school I hated folders. I hated having to get one for every class and organizing them how your teachers wanted them. I hated that they had to be solid colors most of the time.

Now? I love my planner folders. I use them for so many little things. The best part is they can be whatever crazy colors I want. No one to tell me I can’t use orange in history or yellow for math or stripes for english. And I rarely even use my folders for just papers either.

3 fun folder hacks

1. Stickers

I know some people have others ways of storing their stickers but sometimes I like using my folders. It doesn’t take up a lot space and I can move the folder.

2. Divider

I don’t keep my planner folded open to the current week. My kid colors on the pages when I’m not looking. So having a folder is great when I don’t make a planner with dividers or I’ve missed placed my bookmarks.

3. Notes

I laminate the folders I make. It makes them sturdy and long lasting. But also, I can write in dry eraser on them. Sometimes that’s perfect for a quick note about the week or a doodle when I’m stressed.

My current folder as you probably noticed is inspired by mean girls. I mean, why not. It’s not every day Oct 3 is on a Wednesday and I don’t even like pink all that much. If you want one for yourself, check back friday for a fun folder diy and this finished project.

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