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Diy Friday – Planner Folder Insert

It’s Friday! My favorite day to be crafty. Not sure if it’s the excitement of the weekend or just that DIY Friday sounds so good, but Fridays always get my creative juices flowing. This week I’m finishing up a Planner Folder Insert I started on Wednesday for Mean Girls’ Day. In my Wednesday Planner Thought post I talked about planner folder hacks I have for my folders. Since life is ever changing, and I love coming up with new ideas, be sure to check back for updates to that post. And now, for today’s DIY.

You’ll Need:

  • Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Cutting Mat
  • Cricut Scoring Stylus
  • 1 (double sided) or 2 (one sided) 12×12 sheets of cardstock for the folder
  • 1 Sheet of cardstock of any size for any fun embellishments
  • Any strong glue
  • Scissors
  • Planner Folder Insert File
  • Bone Folder and ruler (If you don’t have a Cricut)
  • Hole punch
  • Binder Clip or Paper Clips

Optional Tools:


Matching one sided cardstock is always a good choice
  • Note: If you’re using double sided cardstock, you’ll only need one sheet. If you’re using one sided cardstock, the inside of your folder will be white unless you glue two sheets with white sides together.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 9.31.03 PM

1. Gather your cardstock. If you own a Cricut, feel free to use my Cricut file, Planner Folder Insert. If not, you can download one of the templates below, and resize them to your liking.

Template 1

Template 2

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 9.36.45 PM
Set Project Copies to 2, hit apply and mirror second copy

2. Cricut users: Set your Cricut to cut, and follow the prompts. If you’re using double sided cardstock, simply follow the Cricut on screen instructions. Be sure to select the right type for your cardstock. If using single sided sheets, set the Cricut to cut 2 copies of your chosen planner insert style, and mirror one of them. Template Users: You still only need one sheet of double sided cardstock and also need to mirror (switch sides of template) if using single sided.

3. Cricut Users: Fold folder along score line if using double sided cardstock. If one sided cardstock, glue white sides together then fold. Template Users: Using a bone folder and ruler, find folder middle and score til folds.

4. Feel free to add any embellishments you want from within Cricut Design Space, if you have it. Then use print and cut with a white piece of cardstock. Or dig up any crafty cuts or stickers you own. Glue on to front or inside of folder.


5. If you own a laminator now’s the time to fire it up. I find laminating these folders makes them sturdier, and they last much longer.

6. If laminated, cut off excess. It’s gluing time. I chose a glue gun since I was out of Gorilla glue, but either will work. You only need enough to seal the bottom and the short side of your folder. Let the glue dry. Seriously, let it dry. Don’t go poking at it or pulling it. Go make a cup of coffee, clean up all those toys, go to the gym, or watch a movie.

7. If you don’t have anything fancy, you can use a simple hole punch. Take something old out of your planner that has the holes in it, and lay it on top of your folder. Clip with binder or paper clips if you’re worried it won’t stay put. Since I actually have 5 different planner hole punches my problem is deciding which to use (Planner Maker problems). Using a dry erase marker, put a dot in the middle of every hole onto your planner folder.

8. Remove clips and punch holes in your planner folder pocket.

9. Once you’ve punched all the holes, go back with a pair of scissors, and cut two small snips between the edge of the planner pocket and each hole. Now your planner folder can ‘snap’ into your planner wherever you need it.

And your done!

Let me know how your folder turn out. I’d love to see them. Tag me in your picture and I’ll probably smile for days. #RonohDesigns

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