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Monday Movie Monologue – Frozen

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Out of nowhere my two year old has fallen in love with Frozen. She’s always preferred Tinkerbell and Beauty and the Beast but after seeing the Frozen Ever After Show for the first time (definitely worth seeing) she’s fallen hard. Obviously this means we’ve watched the movie a lot recently.

It can never be said enough the weirdness of Elsa’s powers. My kid has literally been running around singing “Let It Go, build a house”, which is of course hilarious. But really, house making, dress design, hairstylist, creating life, AND ice powers, that’s a pretty impressive resume.

Elsa aside, this rant is actually about the people of Arendelle. I get Anna was silly falling in love with a man she just met but the people of Arendelle were worse. Where was someone to knock some sense into them when they were ready to let a man they knew nothing about rule their kingdom simply because he “said” he was married to Anna?

HANS: At least we got to say our marriage vows…before she died in my arms.

DUKE: There can be no doubt now; Queen Elsa is a monster and we are all in grave danger.

SPANISH DIGNITARY :Prince Hans, Arendelle looks to you.

Elsa 8x10

Anna Frame

Kristoff Frame

Was no one going to take just a quick moment to check if what he said was true?! I mean, I know you’re in a state of panic since you think your queen is a murdering witch but come on. This guy could be a jerk who let your princess die just to rule your kingdom. Note the sarcasm. Instead of checking the validity of his story, they allow him to declare Elsa’s execution. Luckily for them Anna isn’t dead and manages to save them and her sister and all of Arendelle from being ruled by some lying prince.

My first act as queen would probably be to get a new set of royal advisors and put up some kind of law about background checking people who come visit our kingdom. At least they’re smart enough to ban the Duke of Weasletown.

End Rant

Elsa Multiframe

Anna Multiframe

Kristoff Multiframe

Queen Elsa, Naive Princess Anna, and official Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer Kristoff can all be found in my Etsy Shop.

Anna in Text Wall Art

Elsa in Text Wall Art

Kristoff in Text Wall Art

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