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Diy Friday – Fall Basket

It’s FINALLY starting to feel like fall here in Florida. Mind you, if it gets anywhere below 70 degrees for at least an hour or two, it’s feels like fall. Living in the south, you take fall where you can get it. Inside my house though, I’ve decided it’s fall whether Florida cooperates or not. So when I needed some fall decor, since in my 4 years of marriage I’ve had none, I headed to the dollar store.

This DiY was actually so very random and unplanned. I found a few things at the dollar store while I was perusing the isle. I picked up the things I wanted and found some things I had no idea what I was going to do with. I have a problem with that. I buy random crafty things just because they look nice and I’m convinced there’s something I could make with it. Most of the time I can, sometimes I can’t. It drives my husband crazy.


You’ll need:

-An tall LED candle
-Fluff (I had this left over from Walmart)
-Fall Leaves (Felt works best)
-Any Fall Ribbon
-Ruler or Tape Measure



1. Measure twice, cut once, seriously don’t waste that ribbon! Measure around your basket and add just a little bit extra. Cut your ribbon to that length. For instance, if it’s 22 around, cut to 22.5.

2. Where the handle meets the basket on both sides put a long strip of tape. You’re going to tape the ribbon all the way around starting from one handle side til the ends meet. It will get a little scrunched if you’re not careful. Where the ribbons overlap tape or glue.

3. With your led candle in the middle, surround with fluff. Don’t go fluff crazy or you won’t have room for you leaves. The leaves are the best part!


4. Surround your candle with leaves. This isn’t a science guys. It literally does not have to be perfect or symmetrical. I made a pattern but yours will depend on the leaves you choose.

5. Turn on your candle and enjoy!


This thing looks great in the dark! I really like turning all the lights off and just watching it flicker. It really gives you that nice fall feeling. The nice warm colors of the leaves and the candle are fantastic together. Bonus, if my two year old tries to grab it, there’s no flame to burn her. Kudos to whoever invented led candles!

If you make this fun fall basket, please let me know! #RonohDiy. Sharing is caring.

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