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Monday Movie Monologue – 101 Dalmatians

Why can I not find this movie anywhere. The original one, not the live action one. I have no problem with the live action one actually. It’s not a bad movie, I just prefer the cartoon one. I love it so much that I use to play the video game for Dreamcast constantly. Hmm, dreamcast, there’s a throwback for you gamers out there.

Live action or cartoon, there’s always been one thing that makes literally no sense to me about this movie. This couple of people are brought together by Roger’s dog Pongo who wants a doggie wife. He (the dog) gets the two humans together and gets to marry perdy which is what he wanted.

Now here’s what gets me. Perdy gets pregnant and gives birth to fifteen puppies. I don’t know much about litters of puppies but I feel like fifteen is a lot. And even if it’s not, it’s a lot of money for a couple who clearly works paycheck to paycheck.

Cruella: You can’t afford to keep them. You can scarcely feed yourselves.

Cruella Large

Shots, food, and housing for seventeen dogs has got to be a lot. Cruella de Vil is right, they can’t afford them at all. Now, I am not saying they should give those puppies to Cruella. That woman is a terrible person and what she wants to do to those puppies is heinous. But is it to much too to assume, that they could find loving homes for most of the puppies. I mean, Dalmatians are incredibly cute and unique. It really wouldn’t be that hard.

But, no, that’s not what they do at all. Instead Cruella steals all their puppies and they’re distraught about it. Pongo and Perdy come to the rescue and are able to locate the puppies along with EIGHTY-FOUR more. EIGHT-FOUR! I don’t care how much money that Roger gets from his Cruella De Vil song going viral. I do not believe for one bit that they have enough to support 101 Dalmatians. I guess these two aren’t planning on having any children at all.

End Rant

Cruella Multiframe.jpg

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