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Weekly Planner Thoughts – Pen Vs Pencil

I asked my two year old for a pencil so I could plan my week Monday, but she doesn’t know the different in writing utensils. Instead of a pencil, she found me a pen. She sounded so proud with her “Here you go mommy” that I wasn’t about to inform her that she got me the wrong thing. I did sit there for a moment though trying to decide if I did indeed want to use a pen.

I’m sure there’s a lot of opinions on which is best. I usually prefer a pencil and here’s why.

1. Mistakes

I hate making mistakes when I’m writing in my planner, but sometimes they happen. If I have a pencil it’s obviously quick and easy to erase.

2. Expense

If you’ve ever purchased a pack of any writing utensil you’ll find that the price can climb pretty quickly. A pack of mechanical pencils and lead is pretty inexpensive and lasts a long time. I love that you can refill mechanical pencils btw, it’s genius.

3. Doodles

Who doesn’t love a good doodle in their planner. Sometimes, there just isn’t a sticker (yet) for what you’re feeling and good doodles solve that. Just ask all the bullet journal users. Mind you, drawing with a pen is very possible if you have that kind of confidence in your drawings. 😆

4. Changes

I actually get a bit annoyed when plans change. Especially if I’ve already written them in my planner. For some reason, once it’s written, my mind doesn’t want it to move. At least with a pencil I change those plans around.

5. Nostalgia

Don’t know what it is but pencils just bring back grade school for me. I’m of the group of people who love letter writing. My best friend used to send me cards in the mail and it always made my day. Knowing someone took the time to write something is touching.

I will say this for pens though, when writing on stickers, they are much brighter than my pencil and I do like that. I did end up using the pen this week since I didn’t want to get up (lazy mom for the win). I might use one for my stickers and maybe things I know have no chance of changing but I do love my pencil and I’ve no plans of abandoning them.

What do you think. Pencil or Pen?

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