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Monday Movie Monologue – The Little Mermaid Again

Ronoh Designs The Little Mermaid Text Art

Ronoh Designs Little Mermaid Text Art MultiFrame

Here we are again, watching the Little Mermaid, and I have another Little Mermaid rant. Heading off to Disney soon and Holly is very adamant on meeting Ariel this time.

As for today’s rant: King Triton. This guy. Ugh. I get it, she’s your daughter. She has no sense at all. If Holly wanted to go running off with some guy she didn’t know, I’d definitely have a say in that and it’d be no. She’s only two of course but even at 16, still no.

Triton could stand to have a chat with Belle and have her tell him, “You should learn to control your temper”. Ariel is definitely a bit of a brat who wants everything. She’s probably partially that way though because of father is a brute. I was a teenager once. I struggled with obeying my father mostly when he was being unreasonable. Would you be very willing if your father acted like this? 👇

So help me Ariel, I am going to get through to you. And if this is the only way, so be it. [Begins to blast the artifacts with his trident.]

Ronoh Designs Little Mermaid Text Art

So he destroys all of his daughters stuff. The big bully uses his triton to blast everything she holds dear to piece because she won’t listen to him. I think that is more than a bit extreme. In all honesty he should expect one of his daughters to defy him. No way he goes through life with 7 daughters obeying his every command. It’s his complete and utter own fault she ends up consorting with Ursula.

End rant

Find Ariel and Ursula in my Etsy Shop , not King Triton though yet, he’s mean.

Ronoh Designs Little Mermaid Ursala Text Art

Ariel In Text Art

Ursala in Text Art

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