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Gamer Girls – Kingdom Hearts

Since Kingdom Hearts 3 has FINALLY been announced, I’ve decided to finally finish Dream Drop Distance. A little bit of background, I don’t finish some video games I know will have a sequel without that sequel having a release date. I know that seems a little bit silly but to me it’s worth it.

Kingdom Hearts has always been one of my absolute favorite games. I’m a huge Disney fan, so of course I love diving (see what i did there) into all of my favorite Disney movies. Not to mention the story of this series is so intricate and ever expanding, that the writer in me adores it.

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven’t played any of these games (YOU SHOULD) and don’t want spoilers, scroll at your own risk.

Favorite Kingdom Hearts Characters

Ronoh Designs Kingdom Hearts Sora Text Art

Sora is such a spunky little kid. I love the amount of loyalty for his friends, care for the world and love he has in his heart. I don’t know if most people enjoy this about Sora’s character but I know I do. His heart’s story resonates with me, as I’ve always seen the world and people in the same way he does.

Ronoh Designs Kingdom Hearts Riku Text Art

Then there’s Riku who let darkness cover his heart but thanks to Sora was able to climb back out. He fills me with hope that someone who’s chosen the wrong path in life can still turn their life around. Riku acts all big and tough but really he just wants to be loved just like anyone else does.

Ronoh Designs Kingdom Hearts Kairi Text Art

And of course, you can’t forget Kairi. The girl with a pure heart and just as strong will to fight. When they put a Keyblade in Kaira’s hand I was ecstatic. So few games give girls a leading role other than a love interest that I’m always happy when they do.

I also ADORE ventus. Yes, he mostly Sora since they share a heart, but he made me laugh at how childishly happy he was all the time. I just want to hug him a tell him everything will be okay. Mostly, I’m excited for Sora to wake him and see how the two interact together.

Is it Jan 29th yet?

Kingdom Hearts 3 hits stores the 29th. I’ve pre-order it and I’m giving my free poster to my brother who loves Toy Story. I haven’t watched any trailers, videos or read anything about the story on purpose. I’m literally giddy about playing another Kingdom Hearts game and for the first time sharing it with my little girl. She always wants to play too so I’m going to put her on beginner mode and let her at it.

So stay tune for some future fun video games videos of a two year playing Kingdom Hearts, my review of the game play and more video game talks!

Thanks for reading!

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