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Gamer Girls – Kingdom Hearts 3 First Thoughts [Spoilers]

In the beginning

It’s here and I couldn’t be more excited so here’s my Kingdom Hearts 3 first thoughts. Loading the game up, the graphic are just as amazing as Birth By Sleep .02 was. I love the advancements of technology. I don’t believe the “catch up” movies are really good way to help you understand the story though. They leave out quite a bit (I would know). But for someone who has played every game multiple times, read the graphic novels and watched other people play, it’s a fun reminder of what’s happened uptil now. Also, the prologue had me smiling and immediately connecting dots.

Ronoh Design Kingdom Hearts 3 Prologue Photos
Unknown castle from prologue and the graphics are just amazing *swoon*


The controls are still classic kingdom hearts but I’m sure they’ll be something new added. I quite like BBS .02 style of controls, so I hope it’s similar. The ability to change Donald’s and Goofy’s playstyle is perfect and I missed that from the first game. I have Donald staying close and healing in emergencies and goofy fighting alone for now but we’ll see if I change that. I still have a few potions with me until I learn cure because everyone know Donald is always SO slow to heal.

Ronoh Design Kingdom Hearts Mickey Emblem
One of the first Mickey emblem found in Mount Olympus

A few of my favorite new features

Wall walking- LOVE this. I ran straight up a wall and it was pretty awesome.

All characters fight – Instead of having to choose between Donald or Goofy it seems they both fight as well as the in world characters. This is nice addition since it seems heartless hordes are stronger and bigger.

Environmental interaction – So there was fire in Olympus Coliseum. Three guess what I tried to do. Touch it of course. Sora jumped up and down in pain and that was pleasantly surprising.

Team attacks – So far only used Goofy’s Trinity Sled has been used but the concept is nifty. I like that it lets me control it and isn’t an cutscene type move. This would be fun in fights so I hope I can use them there too.

Falling – GUYS Sora actually has a bit of a fall. There’s no fall damage in Kingdom Hearts but it’s always been annoying when Sora jumps from high places like he’s not only a kid. The fall effect when your going to land somewhere is much more fun to watch.

What do I think?

Honestly, the game is very impressive so far. Haven’t dived enough into core story yet but what I’ve seen is very intriguing. Interested to see how Sora regains his power. Holly keeps asking to play too so I’ll probably be creating her own save file soon ( this is something mommy is NOT sharing 😅). What were your Kingdom Hearts 3 first thoughts? I’d love to know.

Btw: Ive choose vitality and warrior for this 1st playthrough if anyone’s wondering.

Stay tune for more!

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