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DIY Friday – Ariel’s Blue Dress

Happy Friday!

So we took our little Princess to Disney last week in her brand new Ariel’s Blue Dress. Let me tell you, only someone who is used to Florida would have enjoyed the day we had, and we actually left earlier than we wanted. It was cold and rainy and mostly miserable in the end, but we did get to see Ariel, ride barnstormer and have a nice lunch, so it was very much worth it.

Of all the Disney Princess dresses I’ve looked at or made since Holly’s been born, Ariel’s blue dress was the only one I had such a hard time finding to buy or make. I could find it for an adult, or an apron version but not what I wanted. So what’s a crafty mom to do? Make it myself of course. It’s so very simple too and would only take you maybe a day.

You’ll need

1 or 2 yards blue fabric (see video below)
Plain long sleeved white sweater/shirt
Any black shirt
A piece of chalk
Black String
Black Zipper
Sewing machine
(Optitional) Zip Ties, Coffee Stirrers or Small Kid straws
Big Blue Bow
Black Shoes


  1. Make a circle skirt out of the fabric. This requires some math and measuring but fortunately the video below from Made Everyday (My FAVORITE sewing youtuber) has a great tutorial on making circle skirts.
Ronoh Design Diy Friday Ariel Blue Dress
Finished blue circle skirt

2. Cut pieces for Corset. Use the torso of the shirt. You’ll need to measure your child’s chest and cut out 2 (TWO) pieces of the below shape from your black shirt. Holly was 19 inches around, so I added 1 extra inch to make it 20 inches. This is for seam allowance, and so I could add a zipper. The height depends where you want it to fall on your child. I wanted to hide the top of the skirt, but you can make it longer or shorter. Add 1 inch to your height for seam allowance.

As long as you have the v shape at the front and it wraps around your child with a little slack, it will work. You can draw the shape out using chalk, or if you have a Cricut Maker, you can save the image and have the Cricut Maker cut it to the exact size you need.

Ronoh Designs DIY Friday Ariel Dress Corset Shape
Corset shape

3. Sew top pieces. Fold under top edges of both pieces 1/2 (half) inch and zig zag stitch the two fabrics together.

3. Boning. If your fabric seems flimsy or keeps flopping forward you can add something to act as boning. I used coffee stirs, they were all I had and they worked great. You can use almost anything that’s stiff and won’t obviously hurt your child. I also sewed pieces of ribbon over where my boning was, but this was because I used a very sheer tank top and you could see the white of the straws.

Ronoh Designs DIY Friday Ariel Corset n Boning Placement in corset
Placement of boning in corset

4. Sew the boning into place. Hold whatever you’ve chosen to use in place or draw with chalk two lines a little bigger than the width of your boning. Sew a straight stitch down one side and then the other. Then fold under 1/2 (half) inch the bottom of both pieces of fabric, then zig zag stitch them both together like you did the top, which will also close the bottom of the boning.

Ronoh Designs Ariel Blue Dress Finished Corset with Boning
Finished Corset with Boning

5. Sew a closing on the back. I did a zipper because I felt it was the most secure since they’ll definitely want to play in it. In my opinion, zippers aren’t very hard to attach, but if you need some help, Made Everyday has another great video on how to sew a zipper. NOTE: You can cut a zipper to the length you need. This => video <= shows you how.

Finished zipper on back

Put it all together

With a bow in her hair, black leggings and black boots, this came together wonderfully. You can do dressy black shoes also. Remember it was rainy, so I wanted a cute but warm princess. She was so happy skipping along to see Ariel. Her smiling face is proof right there!

As you can see mommy and daddy joined in on the fun. These were very easy outfits to put together so we could join in on the Ariel fun.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to help. If you make this Ariel Blue Dress send me pictures or tag me on social media @ronohdesigns. I’d love to see!

Ronoh Design Ariel Blue Dress Text Art

Ariel Blue Dress Text Art

Check out the above link for my newest Disney Princess print. Watch out though, you might get kiss the girl stuck in your head. 😁

Til next time!

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