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Gamer Girls – Kingdom of Corona [Spoiler]

Last time we talked about my first thoughts on Kingdom hearts 3. This week me and Holly explored Rapunzel’s world. We spent a lot of time enjoying all the little nooks and crannies. The attention to detail is perfect.

Kingdom of Corona?

So firstly, do you know how many times I’ve watched Tangled. I’m going to guess at least 25 plus times. It’s one of my favorites of the newer princesses. I was not aware the kingdom was called Corona though. Clearly I was singing too many songs to pay attention.

No Songs.

Speaking of music, I was actually REALLY sad Rapunzel did break out in song once. I mean I get it, this is video game not an actually Disney movie. We could’ve had just like one little song though or is that just me?

Let’s Dive!

This was SO fun. I’ve climb a bunch of different objects in Kingdom Hearts 3 so far but I had a lot of fun jumping from Rapunzel tower. This was also the first place I was high enough up to see Sora’s cool falling animation in its full glory. I only wish there was a bigger impact when I attacked the ground.


Another fun new thing was swimming. Yes, we did swim in the first Kingdom Hearts, to catch those good for nothing fish we needed. That experience wasn’t quite like this was though. I think Sora even looked wet when he got out but that might be wishful seeing.

Extra Characters Help

Ronoh Designs Kingdom Hearts Kingdom of Corona Characters

I love that Rapunzel and Flynn come along with me this time. It was wonderful to see a Princess fighting and even more since you’d expect that out of Rapunzel. I would’ve like her to have been the one wielding the frying pan but using her hair was also very useful. The team attack where she spins Sora, Donald and Goofy with help from Flynn is very effective.

Final Thoughts

Another great new world in my opinion. The graphics really do this world justice. Everything looks exactly like the movie did and the places in between that were created for the game fit seamlessly in. Did I mention, watching Flynn roll around over heartless on a barrel is hilarious? Well, it really is. It had me giggling and Holly yelling Mommy, he’s gonna fall!

Next week is Toy Story world! See you there.

Ronoh Designs Rapunzel Text Art

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