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Tangled – Monday Movie Monologue – Why Rapunzel should’ve kicked Mother Gothel’s Tail

Ronoh Designs Rapunzel Text Art
Ronoh Designs Tangled Text Art

I haven’t watched a Disney movie recently which is an absolute crime but we’ve also been playing Kingdom Hearts so it evens out. I’m craving a good Disney movie now though. I just finished playing Kingdom Hearts newest world Kingdom of Corona & Holly’s been asking for Rapunzel. So Tangled it is.

My grievance has me wondering how in EIGHTEEN years not one person managed to stumble on Rapunzel’s tower. I mean you could maybe say the kids don’t play that far from the castle or maybe there’s nothing out there for anyone to see. But how has no one but Flynn knocked down those vines and stumbled on that tower. They aren’t that far from the ‘Snuggly Duckling’ either. I don’t image they didn’t go out pillaging before Rapunzel reminded them of their dreams.

Also, let’s talk about how Mother Gothel tells Rapunzel she’s’ not strong enough to survive out there. I think if Rapunzel or Mother Gothel believe that they are both crazy. That girl pulls her mother up her tower every single day apparently, she should be ripped!

Oh, Rapunzel. How you manage to do that every single day, without fail, it’s looks absolutely exhausting, darling.

Ronoh Design Etsy Text Art Rapunzel Tangled

Every. Single. Day. I get that she’s brainwashed but doing arm day every single day should mean she can not only defend herself from the outside world but from Mother Gothel too. Btw, that frying pan should’ve killed Flynn with her strength, just saying.

If you need more proof that Rapunzel is someone you should pick in a fight, play Kingdom Hearts 3. I love her team attack move which is pretty strong and she does more damage than Flynn does. Also check out this video by bogus beauty which definitely proof its possible if your strong enough.

End Rant (for today anyways).

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