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Gamer Girls – Exploring the world as a toy in Toy Story’s world Toy Box [Spoilers]

This week on our journey through Kingdom Hearts III, these gamer girls explored the Toy Story world Toy Box.

I hated fighting the gummy ship boss who tried blocking me from this world but he was worth it in the end. Btw, that opening scene for this world was magnificent. I was seriously intrigued by the game.

Andy’s Room

Am I the only one who was entirely too happy to be exploring some kids room as a toy. I seriously stood still and just took it all in. I might’ve spent a few minutes rolling around on andy’s ball and exploring under the bed too but don’t tell anyone 😅

Ronoh Designs Kingdom Hearts Toy Story Toy Box World Andy's Room

Huge Worlds

You’ll notice this in Rapunzel’s world Kingdom of Corona too, that these worlds are really very vast. Standing on the mailbox outside of Andy’s house, you really get a feel for it since your so tiny. Square spent some much appreciated time adding in details that really give each world a full feeling.

Ronoh Designs Kingdom Hearts Toy Story Toy Box world andy's street

Extra Characters Help

So I was very quick to pick up that it was definitely not Tom Hanks or Tim Allen playing their respective toys. The two voice actors did a respectable job but I’ve watched this movie too many times not to catch it. I think I enjoyed having both Buzz and Woody on my team equally. Their fighting catch phrases where fun to hear and Woody managed to heal me quicker than Donald a few times..

Also, the Gigas, not technically a character but very entertaining to play with. The purple ones were my favorite! Gotta love that cannon.

Pizza Planet

Let it be said, when I found the pizza planet truck and realized I couldn’t climb in, I wanted to pout. Seriously, why! It would’ve been so easy to park it on Andy’s street and let us explore! I got as close as possible to it without going back to Andy’s street and stood there grumpily.

Ronoh Designs Kingdom Hearts Toy Story Toy Box world Pizza Planet truck

Final Thoughts

Aside from Pizza Planet, Toy’s Story world, Toy Box is another very well thought out world,. It was especially big and had a lot of hidden things to find and explore. I enjoyed all the silly fake games and toys and the very real display for Dissidia in the game store. I do wish the game your thrown into was a little more exciting though.

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Buzz in Text Art

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