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6 Tips to survive Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opening day

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The day every Star Wars fan has been waiting for has finally been announced. Hollywood Studios’ newest area Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens this summer in Florida, August 29th to be exact. Now mind you, I’m not a mega Star Wars fan. I do love the series and Han Solo is hands down my favorite character. So will i be attending opening day? No. I love nothing more than a good day in Disney but I can imagine the thousands of people who will enjoy it more than me. If you’re one of those people and are set on attending, as a Florida local, I have a few pieces of advice that might help you enjoy your stay.

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Book A Room

Go, right now, book a room, and come back to finish reading. There’s still plenty left. I’ve planned so many day trips to one park and managed not to do quick a few things. This new area is supposed to be comparable to Fantasy Land but I’m sure it’s bigger. So book the room, stay a few days, and you’ll thank me later.

Fast Passes

Once you’re done booking that room, immediately go get your fast passes. If you don’t know, Disney resort guest get to pick their fast passes 60 days in advance instead of 30. My advice, pick one for the morning, one for the afternoon and one for the evening. This always works great because the rides you don’t get passes for you can wait in line between your fast passes.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Ronoh Design Blog
Photo Credit: ©2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc./Lucasfilm Ltd.

An Umbrella

It’s going to be August so I’m sure you’re thinking but it’s summer. It’s going to be sunny. What’s an umbrella going to do for me. Well, summer in Florida means sun yes but also humidity and rain. I have this great uv umbrella that goes with us on summer Disney trips and it’s wonderful. We have a stroller that it goes in but it’s travel size so it’s not too cumbersome to carry. I promise you though even if it is, it’s worth it. Sometimes finding shade in Disney is impossible and wet ponchos are terrible to put on. A uv umbrella is great to keep you cool and dry.


I love Disney food and it’s very very hard to resist. I’ve had to run past the ice cream parlor or close my eyes when we walk past yummy cupcakes. But sometimes, if you’re trying to maximize time or even save money, having snacks with you will keep you on track. Anything from protein bars, homemade muffins, applesauce pouches or popcorn will fill you up and keep you moving. Conveniently, these will all fit in a little backpack. If you can’t resist having something, do dinner at a table service or quick service at the end of the day. It’ll be a nice end and great meal to end a long Disney day.

Snacks for Disney Trip Ronoh Design Blog
Photo Credit: Kitchen Stewardship

Book/Kindle/Handle Game

No matter how prepared you are your going to be waiting in a lot of long lines. I love carrying my nintendo switch or 3ds with me to any theme park. They make any long line seem much quicker. If you’re a book lover, bring your current book with you, and catch up on some reading. You might even make a new reading or gaming buddy.


Lastly, I can’t stress this one enough. Patience. There’s going to be A LOT of people. They’ll be people with crying kids, people who are hot and tired and people who are starving and rude. If someone runs into you, it was an accident, don’t jump down their throat. If the lines not moving, don’t grumble and stomp your feet, everyone is hungry, not just you. You’re at the happiness place in the world and a little bit of patience will get you a long way, I promise.

Photo Credit: MovieWeb

If you do attend Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge on opening day, I hope this helps make your day extra magical. Take lots of pictures and send them my way, I’d loved to see all the new attractions while I plan a future trips for sometime next year!

If you love Disney, I’d suggest buying Kingdom Hearts. Never played? I promise you’ll love it. Check out my first thoughts on Kingdom Hearts.

Thanks for reading!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Opening Ronoh Designs Blog

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