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Why I think the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s version is the best & sometimes worst Cinderella movie.

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This weekend I caught my self humming a song while I cleaned my living room and decluttered my computer. I’ve learned to take this as a sign that whatever movie matches the current music in my head is obviously what I’m subconsciously dying to watch. After listening to “Impossible” on repeat in my head, I had to watch the movie. I love Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. It’s very silly, full of big songs, colorful and of course there’s Whitney Houston. But it also has its moment.

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A colorful cast

Whoopi Goldberg alone is a exceptionally good and hilarious actress. Adding in Jason Alexander, Victor Garber and Bernadette Peters and you’ve got a great cast already. The icing on the cake, in my opinion, has got to be Brandy and Whitney. When they sing impossible together, I always feel happy.

On the other hand, are we ever going to get an explanation as to why a black woman and white man had a chinese baby. Did they adopt him or is he from a previous marriage? I understand that it’s supposed to be about breaking norms and mixing up races but it still makes no sense.

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The Music

As noted I love ‘Impossible/It’s Possible’ as song by Whitney and Brandy. Usually one of my best friends and I will sing it together. She sings Whitney’s part and I Brandy’s because she’s got a voice for being grand and loud. ‘In My Own Little Corner’ is another of my favorites. Sung by Brandy, I’ve always appreciated the imagination the song inspired.

One song that’s always had me like Really, guys? though is ‘Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?’. If either of them is questioning that, they probably need to realize no, I don’t love you, especially seeing as we just met. I mean the line:

Are you the sweet invention of a lover’s dream. Or are you really as beautiful as you seem.

What do you mean is she/he as beautiful as she/he seems. What does that matter! Can we not for a second and just be in love with the person and not worry about their looks. Am I missing the point again? Maybe but it shouldn’t be a point. But of course Brandy is beautiful, stop it! Lol.

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The story

Finally, while the basic Cinderella story is there, the small changes to this version make it much better. I mentioned the silliness of the casting but at the same time it makes this movie. The different races existing without comment works well in this movie especially if you consider when it was produced.

The addition of a queen as played by Whoopie was a big selling point for me and probably a lot of people. Not just because it was Whoopie but because it added something the classic Cinderella didn’t have. Comedy. She’s hilarious and controlling obviously but you can see she loves her son and above all else really does just want him to be happy in her own quirky way.

My favorite change is a line Whitney say about dreaming. “Dreamers never make the dream come true”. Sure dreaming is a wonderful thing but it only get you halfway there. You have to make things happen and believe in yourself and then anything is possible.

If you’ve never seen Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, you’re missing out on a classic. If anything, buy it just to watch Whoopi Goldberg’s squeal. You’ll understand once you see it and you’ll thank me later.

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