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Gamer Girls – Kingdom Hearts 3’s world Arendelle is full of song [Spoilers]

Kingdom Hearts 3 Anna Arendelle Sky Ronoh Designs Gamer Girl Blog

Another week and another new Kingdom Hearts 3 world.

We, Holly especially, were very excited to journey thru the Other Sky to get to Arendelle. Just to note, I hadn’t updated my gummi ship at all at this point so I almost got myself into trouble trying to fight a horrid of heartless I wasn’t prepare for. I won’t make that mistake twice.

Let it Go!

So straight out of the Frozen movie, there goes Elsa running across the water and setting off an eternal winter everywhere. Of course, instead being able to chase after her that jerk Larxene stops you and your thrown in a terrible Labyrinth. I’ve never rejoiced to finding a map so much in my life. Getting out of the labyrinth leads you to Elsa and the music you wish Tangled had. To make matters better, watching Sora, Donald and, Goofy follow after her while she sings, was delightful.

Beautiful Ice and Snow

This world really does have some gorgeous views. I know nothing of the Norwegian town Arendal, that Arendelle is based on but if it has sights like the one below with aurora borealis’, I might need to visit. I’d have to pack warmly though and need lots of climbing supplies since unlike Sora I can’t run up the many walls like I had to in game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Sky Ronoh Designs Gamer Girl Blog

Poor Anna

Getting knock off the mountain a million times was frustrating but it did bring me to Anna. If your hopeful for another song, you won’t be disappointed. The fun little shortened version of ‘Do You Wanna Build a Snowman’ was a nice addition. Anna’s acapello ending was wonderful and reminds you just how perfect Kristen Bell’s voice is for her. I for one am happy she’s one of the voice actors who returned.


The lack of help in this world is almost upsetting for a moment. I don’t need it, I’m pretty adept at surviving with just Donald and Goofy but I enjoy the eventual help of Marshmallow. Marshmallow is huge compared to Sora which makes him a very ‘big’ help. He does just stands there towering over you menacingly and upset that he can’t find Elsa though. It’s a bit intimidating.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Arendelle Marshmallow Snowman Ronoh Designs Gamer Girl Blog

Arendelle Final Thoughts

Obviously, Arendelle is another well made world. The songs, the scenery and the big abominable snowman make this an unique world. I would’ve loved to fight with Olaf, Anna, Kristoff or even Sven but it’s not a deal breaker. If your required to return to any of the worlds this one will have so much more to explore. If by now you haven’t picked up Kingdom Hearts 3, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. Get off your butt and get to it!

Frozen Fan?

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