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Tron fights for the users – [Spoilers]

So the husband is playing Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. He reached Tron’s world and I made him stop playing. You can imagine he was immediately very grumpy I wouldn’t let him keep saving the world. Unfortunately Kingdom Hearts DDD ruins the Tron movie and I wanted to enjoy it with him. So, we took a break and watched both movies.

Can I get that tech please?

I’ve only seen the original Tron once back when the Tron Legacy came out. I worked at Blockbuster then and had it checked out for two weeks while customers complained about wanting to rent it. We only had one copy for some reason.

Watching it again, the technology in this movie is really a stretch. I’m not even talking about the whole him going into the system either. They’ve got this huge touch screen computer desk and I want it. We know that was pretty advance tech back in the day thou and I imagine it still is. Unless someone isn’t letting us in on the party.

There’s also the matter of Ed Dellinger talking to the MCP like it’s got a mind of its own. When’s my Google Home going to answer me that flawlessly?

I won’t even touch the matter of those light cycles (those are just really cool motorcycles!)

Tron Light Cycle Ronoh Design Blog Monday Movie Monologue
Photo Credit: RoadtoVr


You gotta love Tron as a character. He is definitely a Hufflepuff and loyal all day long. He’d be best friends with Newt Scamander I bet. In both movies he’s ready to fight for what he knows is right. Even when Clu rewrote his code, in the end, he remembers “He fights for the user”.

TRON: Flynn, go!

CLU: Rinzler! Take the shot! Finish the game! Roll!

TRON: I fight for the users.

Btw, I wasn’t fooled for one second that Clu finished him off. I spent most of the movie waiting for Tron to make his big entrance. Once I realized he was Rinzler, I knew he’d do something heroic in the end. I know it’s hard to fool everyone but maybe try just a little harder next time.

Also fun fact, did you know, Tron stands for Trace On,  It was used primarily for debugging line numbered basic goto and gosub statements. I have no clue what that means but my husband who is going to school for IT does.

Tron Program Ronoh Design Blog Monday Movie Monologue
Photo Credit: Tron Wiki

Movie vs Game

If you plan on playing Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and for some reason haven’t watched Tron Legacy yet, I would advise you watch the movie first. I might’ve spoiled a small bit about Tron but there are HUGE things the game will spoil. Tron and Tron Legacy are both great movies in my opinion, especially if your a nerd like me or future IT professional like my husband.

Currently working on Tron art for my Etsy shop so be sure to check back. And if your a Kingdom Hearts fan be sure to check on my gamer blogs as I play thru Kingdom Hearts 3.

Also I just realized, I didn’t really have much of a rant to go with this movie. Weird. I’ll be sure to fix that next time!

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