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I don’t want to sail in Pirates of the Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts 3! – Gamer Girl

Fun fact, Pirates 3 is currently my favorite Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I haven’t actually seen on Strangers Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales though but I doubt I’d change my mind. It’s my favorite for so many reason but mostly because I love that Elizabeth becomes the King of the Pirates. So upon arriving in The Caribbean and having to help Jack chase down his ship I was all smiles once realizing which movie I was in.

The Black Pearl

So Sora‘s quest for pirate adventures in Kingdom Hearts 3 leads him to helping Jack chase down his prized ship that is “sailing” on the sand. We obvious know those are crabs moving the ship and chasing after the Black Pearl isn’t necessarily hard if you ignore the heartless. I ignored them mostly because watching Jack chase after his ship with that silly run of his was just as hilarious as in the movie.

Kingdom Hearts The Caribbean Sora, Donald, Goofy & Jack chase The Black Pearl Ronoh Designs Blog

The Caribbean is a Tropical Paradise

One thing I didn’t quite appreciate when watching the movie is how gorgeous the islands were. I didn’t visit every island but all the ones I did visit were just perfect. The palm trees, clear ocean, towering rock structures and even the sand, each one looked like a lot of time was put into it. I have actually visited St. Lucia before (my mother was born there) and it felt very much like being back there. I’ve been spoiled but the one time I visited St. Lucia and it’s crystal clear water. Kingdom Hearts 3 captures that same paradise even while battling hordes of heartless.

Kingdom Hearts The Caribbean Island Mickey Emblem Ronoh Designs Blog

CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

So once again no Johnny Depp to reprise his role. He wasn’t the voice of Jack in the first game either so I had little hope but there was some. The voice actor, Jared Butler, who did play Jack did an exceptional job in my opinion. Only someone who is an avid Johnny Depp or Pirates of the Caribbean fan would be able to pick up on the subtle differences.

As for playing with Jack in game, it’s just as fun as watching him run. His team attack with Sora is pretty silly but effective. They do everything in perfect sync with a fun little pirate song cadence too and the bombs at the end are a great AOE.

Kingdom Hearts The Caribbean Sora, Donald, Goofy & Jack standing Ronoh Designs Blog

I am NOT a Captain of The Caribbean

Now I don’t know if this popular opinion or not but I HATED the ship. I hated battling in the ship, leveling the ship and fighting heartless on the ship. I was fine to drive the ship to different islands, that was actually pretty fun and made me and my husband want to play Sea of Thieves.

Controlling the ship while battling was especially annoying though. The first fight with Luxford, he beat me to Port Royal FOUR times before I won. Turning the ship between rocks didn’t work. The heartless ships ran into you even after they were defeated. And healing was impossibly hard if you didn’t get the right ships. I would’ve been perfectly content to just fight on the ships when they spawned.

Fighting on ship Kingdom Hearts III Ronoh Designs Blog

Final Thoughts

Pirate ship aside, The Caribbean is a fun world to explore. Between exploring Port Royal, the different islands and under the sea, the world is very vast. I didn’t come close to seeing it all, especially not under the water. Maybe after I beat the game, I’ll come back and level my ship all the way up and explore the whole ocean, just to see.

Be sure to keep up with on all my Kingdom Hearts 3 thoughts as I continued to play thru the game.

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