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Moana & how Maui was almost a murder – Monday Movie Monologue

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Is it crazy that I’ve seen Moana way too many times but I still catch myself tearing up when her grandmother dies. I literally bawled my eyes out for some reason and Holly’s just over here singing ‘How Far I Go”. The rest of the movie I was fine, until grandma comes back to sing ‘I Am Moana’ and then tears all over again. I even teared up just a bit at the very end when she pets the manta ray. Maybe I was just feeling extra sentimental. Of course, between my tears, I still managed to find fault.

First, Maui is Devious

So yeah, in the end Maui has a change of heart. He learns to be more selfless in his endeavors. Before that he’s a jerk and a much bigger jerk than it seems if you pay attention.

When he first meets Moana he proceeds to sing a whole musical number about how great he thinks he. It’s full of every single one of his accomplishments. Talk about cocky. He’s not just bragging though but literally singing to distract Moana so he can steal her boat.

Hey, it’s your day to say you’re welcome
‘Cause I’m gonna need that boat
I’m sailing away, away
You’re welcome!
‘Cause Maui can do anything but float

Moana Maui You're Welcome Gif Ronoh Designs

Then, almost evil

To make matters worse, after stealing the boat of the first person he’s met in over a 1000 years, he then locks Moana in his cave. A cave, that even with some supply of food, is very small, barely lit and now has a huge rock in front of it.

Let us assume for a moment Moana wasn’t freakishly strong and agile. She wouldn’t be able to escape. He would’ve killed her. His conscience of tattoo can’t even sway him. Lucky Moana is somehow able to push over rock statues and sheemy out of small crevices, so he’s not charged with premeditated murder.

Moana Maui's Cave Statue Ronoh Designs

Finally, Maui’s just plain murderous

Of course, after she escapes, you’d think he would change his way. You would hope Maui would say, “maybe I should’ve have locked her in there.” What does he do instead when the ocean helps her catch up. He throws Moana overboard, three times! What is with this guy! I understand his reluctance to return the heart of Te Fiti but how does killing someone help him.

Moana Maui Boat Ronoh Designs

I bet he’s glad he didn’t kill her in the end. He would’ve been tamatoa’s dinner if not for Moana. End Rant.

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