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San Fransokyo – Gamer Girls

So this might seem terrible but we’ve never seen Big Hero 6 at my house. There’s no particular reason or anything I just never got around to watching it. I don’t have cable and movies with a 2 year old are impossible. SO unless it’s on Netflix I haven’t seen it. I would normally see a movie before playing it’s Kingdom Hearts equivalent but for the first time ever someone is playing the game behind me (the husband) and if he’s not allowed to beat it before me. It’s my number one game rule. So I’m not going to take the time to watch it this one time. I’ll just have to fall in love with San Fransokyo in the game

Take about Massive

That being said, landing on a bridge surround by cars, was my first look at San Fransokyo. I was just as amazed as Sora at seeing cars for the first time. Of all the worlds, this one seriously makes you feel small. Massive towering buildings as far as the eye can see, lots of long winding roads and cars everywhere. I got lost quite a few times trying to find the two save points located in the world or ran into the “edge of the city”. It would be pretty helpful if you could make your map larger like in Kingdom Hearts DDD.

Big Hero 6 San Fransokyo Kingdom Hearts 3 Ronoh Design Blog

San Fransokyo obstacle course

While we’re on the topic of getting lost, part of my lost adventures took place while trying to navigate a obstacle so the Big Hero 6 group could shuyga. You’ve just plopped me in a massive metropolitan city, can you blame me for veering off course the second I’m given the chance. I am a gamer after all, we thrive on exploring the vast worlds we’re given. Luckily the realize how confusing the world can be so there were indicators for you main objective, that was helpful. Hiro kept telling me off for exploring though, way to kill my groove kid.

Big Hero Six San Fransokyo Obstacle Course Ronoh Designs Blog

Baymax, your personal healthcare companion

Let me say, I can see why everyone loved Baymax, just from playing the game. He’s so ignorant it’s adorable. He ask questions in such a naive way that I wanted to just hug him. Even Holly gave a cute little “Mommy, I love him” while watching me play.

Baymax is also a great addition to the team. His team attack with Sora enable you to fly on the robot’s back. You can either attach by flying at an enemy or shoot laser. I wonder if you can guess which route I normally choose. I will admit his finish is a bit hard to control, If you miss you keep flying off into the distance and have to run back to your target.

Baymax Big Hero 6 Kingdom Hearts 3 Ronoh Designs Blog

His brother legacy

I’m assuming this takes place after the movie based on a few scenes throughout the world. You get a strong sense that Hiro has grown as a person from being with Baymax and his friends. He really wants to help the world just like his brother Tadashi did. It really warms your heart. I won’t ruin a key scene that happens right after the below photo but I was already pretty geared up for what happens next.

Final thoughts on San Fransokyo

Not my favorite world but probably only because I didn’t see the movie. Who know, I might come back later and be in love after finally watching Big Hero 6. The world is beautiful designed regardless though. I feel like this was one world that took quite a bit of time to get all the little things right and it was worth anytime take.

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