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Disney Bounding as Aladdin, Jasmine & Genie in summer – Disney Adventures

It’s summer once again in Florida and that means 90 plus degree weather. Even after living here for over ten years now, I’m still never quite prepared for summer and it’s sometimes unbearable heat. Most day, this heat won’t stop me from visiting one of my favorite place in the world, especially when celebrating a friend’s birthday. When I do visit Disney, I adore Disney bounding but it is a bit harder to do in the summer months. Since we chose this trip to go to Disney Bounding as Aladdin, Jasmine & Genie, I thought it is fun to share how easy and fun it was.

Disney bounding as Jasmine

There’s a lot of debate on the color of Jasmine’s dress. Some say sky blue, some aqua and others swear it’s turquoise. Honestly, pick one and go for it. If you do it right, everyone will know what you’re going for. It also helps if you have an Aladdin or Genie with you.

Women Aqua Spaghetti strap dress for Disney bounding as Jasmine
Mom Blogger Ronoh Designs posing in Epcot Morocco as Jasmine Disney Bound

If you’re really set on a short/skirt and shirt attire, I LOVED the below combination. The bottoms were actually a swimsuit wrap but it seemed very Jasmine. As for the off shoulder top, it also looked very Jasmine and so so comfy but they didn’t match. Maybe I could’ve gotten away with though? 🤷🏿‍♀️

Disney Bounding as Aladdin

Disney Bounding as Genie

Last but definitely not least, the Genie. Of. The. Lamp!! (echo echo echo). The purpose of this Disney trip was to celebrate one of our best friends birthday. His favorite Disney movie is Aladdin, so naturally, he chose this particular Disney bounding theme.

Jordan is clearly somehow unaffected by the hot air of Florida. His logic is, he could wear this outfit in winter also, which is very sound logic. I would rather just buy two different outfits. I hate even the thought of long sleeve clothes in summer. The shirt, pants, and belt do all fit very well together though.

White male Disney Bounding as Genie and posing in front of lamps in line to meet Jasmine.

If you’re not for that life, check out the navy shorts and light blue shorts below which are perfect for summer.

Best Picture spot

If you want a suggestion on the best places to take Aladdin Disney bounding photos, I’d obviously recommend Morocco. The architecture of Morocco screams Aladdin, so go wild. There’s always the easy option of pictures with Jasmine and sometimes Aladdin too. The line for Jasmine includes a wall of lamps that’s great for Genie pictures. A few other fun spots for pictures not in Epcot include The Astounding Donaldo in Pete’s Silly Sideshow and in front of the Aladdin Display on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

Let me know if your next trip you decide to go Disney Bounding as Aladdin, Jasmine or Genie. Be sure to have fun, be cute and take lots of pictures. Btw, the countdown is on for Star Wars Galaxy edge to open here in Orlando. I won’t be going but check out my tips for anyone who is. And look out for more of our Disney adventures.

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