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So why are these things in The Princess and The Frog okay? – Monday Movie Monologue

Ronoh Design The Princess and the Frog

My kid loves to play dress up and make-believe. She’ll run around the house as a pirate, a ballerina, a baker, or, of course, a Disney princess. One of her favorite things to dress up as is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. I’ll dress her in her clothes for the day and she’ll come skipping out of her room later in her Tiana dress.

Little girl dressed up as Disney Princess Tiana RonohDesigns

How much was Big Daddy paying Eudora?

Early in the movie, Tiana’s mother says Big Daddy and Charlotte are her best customers after Big Daddy asks for yet another dress for his daughter.

Anything for my best customer

-Eudora to Big Daddy

The amount of dresses this one little girl has in her room is crazy. I’ve made dresses for my little princess and I know how much time, money, and poked fingers it takes to make one. I understand the era this movie was made it in but it’s obvious big daddy thinks highly of Eudora, so what is he paying her. Charlotte’s dresses are very extravagant. He should be paying her more.

Charlotte's dress Princess and the Frog

Charlotte is a little too unobservant

Let me note, one of my favorite things about this movie is Tiana’s and Charlotte’s friendship. In the 1920s, this was definitely unheard of. Despite the fact that it’s a little misleading to kids watching, it’s still a nice thing to see. Charlotte is a very sweet girl. She a just a little to unobservant for my liking though. Yes, she does help Tiana to change her outfit when it’s ruined but she completely misses that her friend is heartbroken. Yes, she wants to marry a Prince Naveen for some reason but is very unaware when he slowly changes into another person simply because he asked he proposed. She so unobservant it unbelievable and even Holly looked at me and said Tiana’s sad, mommy.

Gif of Sad Tiana and Charlotte putting crown on her head

Where did those clothes come from!

And of course, my biggest gripe, the magical manifestation of clothes at the end of the movie. I get that they couldn’t just change back and be naked but the alternative was ridiculous. They both had clothes on before they were turned into frogs, so what happened to them? Are those clothes just gone forever? That dress Charlotte gave Tiana was probably pretty expensive and now it’s just gone forever!

Princess Tiana Text Art Ronoh Designs

Tiana in Text Art

If you love Tiana in her appears out of nowhere dress, you’ll love this print.

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Ronoh Design The Princess and the Frog

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