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Discover an interactive world worth exploring at The VOID. – Disney Adventures

When I was little, I would play my favorite video games over and over again wishing I could be a part of those worlds. As technology got more advanced that dream only grew bigger. Swinging a keyblade in Kingdom Hearts is probably still a little ways off but after experiencing my first virtual reality experience at The VOID, I cannot wait.

Disney Spring The VOID signage inside buidling

What is the VOID?

The Void, in a nutshell, is a virtual reality experience. I would classify it more accurately as an augmented virtual reality experience. Unlike the dinky mall virtual reality game stores that have popped up in recent years, The Void is much more immersive and interactive. You’re not refined to a small 10-foot square where the world is only projected around you. Your surroundings are able to be touched and felt, as well as seen. “You don’t just experience THE VOID, you’re in it.”

You’re “suited” up in what I’d consider a state of the art equipment to help build the world around. It’s not the suit from the Ready Player One movie, which is really cool in my opinion, but still pretty cool I’d say. By the way, Ready Player One is a fantastic book if you’re a gamer and also enjoy a good book. I would advise reading the book first and then keeping your expectations for the movie low. It’s a fantastic movie but without a doubt strays far from the book.

Guy suited up at The VOID

Where is the VOID?

With 16 locations in 3 countries and more coming soon, hopefully, there’s a location near you or will be soon. Being a resident of Jacksonville, I’m only three hours away from Disney Springs which is where the Orlando, Florida VOID is located. While I wouldn’t recommend driving 3 hours just to do a VOID experience, I would recommend it if you’re in the area. Whether for a chill non-theme park weekend in Orlando or a relaxing break from the park scene, The VOID is a must-do.

Disney Spring Map
The VOID is in Blue and number 125 on Disney Spring map

Is worth it?

The VOID’s tickets price depends on where you live but in Orlando ticket prices are about 38 tax include. The experience itself is really only around 30 minutes long which honestly seems like not a lot of time for the money spent. I won’t lie, I would love for the time to be much longer. I could stand to run around for an hour saving the world or fighting bad guys. Unfortunately, the time limit is what it is for now.

So is it worth it? I still think it is. There’s nothing like The VOID that I’ve experienced yet. You can touch, walk, feel and crouch your way through different stories. The Orlando, Florida location has a Star Wars and Wreck-It Ralph experience. I’ve actually managed to enjoy doing the STAR WARS™ Secrets of the Empire twice. Even knowing exactly what was going to happen didn’t spoil the fun. As I said, there’s nothing quite like The Void. Being a gamer means I love playing something over and over again. It just means I get the chance to be better than I was before.

Group of 4 at Orlando The VOID

Check out more of my Disney Adventures, tips and if you’re a movie buff, Monday Movie Monologue. Leave a comment on your thoughts on the VOID below and let me know which experiences you’ve done and think I should try next!

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