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Do YOU think the Lion King could’ve happened? – Monday Movie Monologue

The Lion King sunset while singing

My heart is happy after finally getting to see The Lion King this past weekend. The Lion King is the hubby’s favorite movie so we knew as soon as it was announced that we wanted to see it. I’ve avoided most of the trailers though since most movie trailers nowadays ruin all the fun of the movies. While I’m not going to spoil the movie just yet (stay tuned for a future post) I will tell give you my usual Disney Movie rant.

Do elephant graveyards exist?

I’ve watched The Lion King may be over a hundred times in my life. When I was little and Scar told Simba about the elephant graveyard, I was not as brave a little Simba. The thought of a place where a bunch of dead animals and bubbling pits of unknown substance existed did not sit well with me. I’m positive that was the point of the scene. It was supposed to be scary and Simba is supposed to be so brave for going.

It didn’t occur to me until I was sitting in the movie theater geeking out over the graphics, that an elephant graveyard might not exist. The graveyard in the movie is massive and looks as if there are hundreds of passed elephants. I’m sure elephants die and you might find a fair few of them grouped together but I don’t think it’s quite to the extent that the movie makes it.

Scar vs Simba The Lion King Ronoh Designs
Photo by Vawie-Art

Simba wouldn’t have defeated Scar

I am not an expert on lions by any stretch of the imagination. My knowledge ends at toy Lion plushes but I’m sure Simba had to suffer from malnourishment. The My Fitness Pal app will not let me complete my diary if I haven’t had at least 1000 calories and recommends at least 1200. Without any research, I’m making a guess that a fitness app for a lion wouldn’t let him complete his day without at least 6000+ calories.

Even if he ate every single bug he found, I doubt it would be enough. It might suffice when he’s a cub but definitely not full grown. He’d also run the risk of not only him not getting enough food but Timon and Pumba would also starve since he’d be eating everything. If he managed to survive and make it home to fight scar, it’s a safe bet that even brawn-less Scar would have the upper hand. He would, after all, be full of plenty of protein.

Pride lands The Lion King Ronoh Designs
Photo by

The return of the Pride Lands

First, where did everyone in the pride lands go? If we assume they left because Scar and the Hyenas destroyed and ate everything, then where did they live. Secondly, how long did it take for Pride Lands to return? All the animals that remained had to be starving. The ones that left would have no idea they could come back.

It would take a long time for everything to return to its previous lush state. It would also be a while before any of the animals had enough offspring to replenish their herds. Or, maybe, it was just a really long drought and not Scar’s fault at all and we’re all too critical. Who knows?

Scar Lion King Etsy Art

Scar in Text Art

Cunning but no brute strength.

Keep a lookout for my Lion King review of the new Lion King movie versus the old one. And be sure to read more of my Monday Movie Monologues and my other blogs.

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