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Tangled – Monday Movie Monologue – Why Rapunzel should’ve kicked Mother Gothel’s Tail

Ronoh Designs Rapunzel Text Art

I haven’t watched a Disney movie recently which is an absolute crime but we’ve also been playing Kingdom Hearts so it evens out. I’m craving a good Disney movie now though. I just finished playing Kingdom Hearts newest world Kingdom Read more…

Monday Movie Monologue – The Little Mermaid Again

Ronoh Designs The Little Mermaid Text Art

Here we are again, watching the Little Mermaid, and I have another Little Mermaid rant. Heading off to Disney soon and Holly is very adamant on meeting Ariel this time. As for today’s rant: King Triton. This guy. Ugh. I Read more…

Monday Movie Monologue – 101 Dalmatians

Why can I not find this movie anywhere. The original one, not the live action one. I have no problem with the live action one actually. It’s not a bad movie, I just prefer the cartoon one. I love it Read more…

Monday Movie Monologue – Frozen

Kingdom Hearts 3 Elsa Ronoh Designs Gamer Girl Blog

Out of nowhere my two year old has fallen in love with Frozen. She’s always preferred Tinkerbell and Beauty and the Beast but after seeing the Frozen Ever After Show for the first time (definitely worth seeing) she’s fallen hard. Read more…

Monday Movie Monologue – Sleeping Beauty

This might be unpopular opinion but I can not be the only person who despises Aurora. I can barely bring myself to watch Sleeping Beauty anymore without ranting the whole movie about how she simply did nothing at all. I Read more…

Underrated Tools Used by Layout Designers and Crafters [Opinion]

I find myself recently more often having to sketch things out before I commit to making them. I am not a drawing artist, or at least I don’t like my drawing abilities most of the time. I do love layout Read more…

Full of fun ideas

So my best friend is full of ideas and between her random thoughts and my creativity I keep ending up with really fun and inventive things. I did a lot of work with my Disney Princess’ made only of text. Read more…

Planning for the future

Today’s work though isn’t for a wedding at all. As the media manager for my church, one of my favorite things I’m in charge of and also the most aggravating, is our monthly calendar. You would think of course that a calendar is quite easy. It’s just a bunch of boxes and lines and numbers.

The Process

Have you ever done something a million times before. You get in the habit of doing something a specific way and you’ve learned all the pitfalls and shortcuts. Being the Layout and Design Manager of a newspaper, I have a Read more…