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I don’t want to sail in Pirates of the Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts 3! – Gamer Girl

Fun fact, Pirates 3 is currently my favorite Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I haven’t actually seen on Strangers Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales though but I doubt I’d change my mind. It’s my favorite for so many Read more…

Gamer Girls – Kingdom Hearts 3 First Thoughts [Spoilers]

In the beginning It’s here and I couldn’t be more excited so here’s my Kingdom Hearts 3 first thoughts. Loading the game up, the graphic are just as amazing as Birth By Sleep .02 was. I love the advancements of Read more…

Gamer Girls – Kingdom Hearts

Since Kingdom Hearts 3 has FINALLY been announced, I’ve decided to finally finish Dream Drop Distance. A little bit of background, I don’t finish some video games I know will have a sequel without that sequel having a release date. Read more…