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Why Ronoh Design?

My Etsy Shop Ronoh Designs got part of its name from taking my own name and turning it backwards. This was inspired by a fun thing me and my best friend came up with in high school. 

All my work is inspired by my love of geeky and nerdy things such as Disney, Nintendo, and Doctor Who. I am also a BIG fan of colors and words. I love how the right words at the right time can change everything and how colors can express so many different emotions 

I started this shop to share my passion with the world. I wanted others to not only see how fun text and color can be but to experience my favorite fandoms with me and find new ways to love them. 

My shop is made up mostly of text art but I alsos be adding planners, stickers and clothing and so many things. So be sure to take a look around at RonohDesigns. <3

Ronoh Design Mickey Mouse Text Art
Ronoh Designs Zelda Text Art
Ronoh Designs Golden Trio Text Art
Ronoh Designs Flash Text Art


Ronoh Design Disney Planner
Ronoh Design Disney Planner Stickers
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