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Do YOU think the Lion King could’ve happened? – Monday Movie Monologue

The Lion King sunset while singing

My heart is happy after finally getting to see The Lion King this past weekend. The Lion King is the hubby’s favorite movie so we knew as soon as it was announced that we wanted to see it. I’ve avoided Read more…

So why are these things in The Princess and The Frog okay? – Monday Movie Monologue

Ronoh Design The Princess and the Frog

My kid loves to play dress up and make-believe. She’ll run around the house as a pirate, a ballerina, a baker, or, of course, a Disney princess. One of her favorite things to dress up as is Princess Tiana from Read more…

Moana & how Maui was almost a murder – Monday Movie Monologue

Moana Maui Ronoh Designs

Is it crazy that I’ve seen Moana way too many times but I still catch myself tearing up when her grandmother dies. I literally bawled my eyes out for some reason and Holly’s just over here singing ‘How Far I Read more…

Tron fights for the users – [Spoilers]

So the husband is playing Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. He reached Tron’s world and I made him stop playing. You can imagine he was immediately very grumpy I wouldn’t let him keep saving the world. Unfortunately Kingdom Hearts DDD Read more…

Why I think the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s version is the best & sometimes worst Cinderella movie.

Brandy Ronoh Design Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella Blog

This weekend I caught my self humming a song while I cleaned my living room and decluttered my computer. I’ve learned to take this as a sign that whatever movie matches the current music in my head is obviously what Read more…

Tangled – Monday Movie Monologue – Why Rapunzel should’ve kicked Mother Gothel’s Tail

Ronoh Designs Rapunzel Text Art

I haven’t watched a Disney movie recently which is an absolute crime but we’ve also been playing Kingdom Hearts so it evens out. I’m craving a good Disney movie now though. I just finished playing Kingdom Hearts newest world Kingdom Read more…

Monday Movie Monologue – The Little Mermaid

A quick look in my Etsy shop and you’ll find art from all the fandoms and movies I love. The very first text art I made was for The Little Mermaid. Despite popular belief, especially since my hair is currently Read more…