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Disney Bounding as Aladdin, Jasmine & Genie in summer – Disney Adventures

It’s summer once again in Florida and that means 90 plus degree weather. Even after living here for over ten years now, I’m still never quite prepared for summer and it’s sometimes unbearable heat. Most day, this heat won’t stop Read more…

Moana & how Maui was almost a murder – Monday Movie Monologue

Moana Maui Ronoh Designs

Is it crazy that I’ve seen Moana way too many times but I still catch myself tearing up when her grandmother dies. I literally bawled my eyes out for some reason and Holly’s just over here singing ‘How Far I Read more…

I don’t want to sail in Pirates of the Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts 3! – Gamer Girl

Fun fact, Pirates 3 is currently my favorite Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I haven’t actually seen on Strangers Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales though but I doubt I’d change my mind. It’s my favorite for so many Read more…

Tron fights for the users – [Spoilers]

So the husband is playing Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. He reached Tron’s world and I made him stop playing. You can imagine he was immediately very grumpy I wouldn’t let him keep saving the world. Unfortunately Kingdom Hearts DDD Read more…

Gamer Girls – Kingdom Hearts 3’s world Arendelle is full of song [Spoilers]

Kingdom Hearts 3 Anna Arendelle Sky Ronoh Designs Gamer Girl Blog

Another week and another new Kingdom Hearts 3 world. We, Holly especially, were very excited to journey thru the Other Sky to get to Arendelle. Just to note, I hadn’t updated my gummi ship at all at this point so Read more…

6 Tips to survive Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opening day

Star War Storm Trooper Ronoh Designs Blog

The day every Star Wars fan has been waiting for has finally been announced. Hollywood Studios’ newest area Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens this summer in Florida, August 29th to be exact. Now mind you, I’m not a mega Star Read more…