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So why are these things in The Princess and The Frog okay? – Monday Movie Monologue

Ronoh Design The Princess and the Frog

My kid loves to play dress up and make-believe. She’ll run around the house as a pirate, a ballerina, a baker, or, of course, a Disney princess. One of her favorite things to dress up as is Princess Tiana from Read more…

Moana & how Maui was almost a murder – Monday Movie Monologue

Moana Maui Ronoh Designs

Is it crazy that I’ve seen Moana way too many times but I still catch myself tearing up when her grandmother dies. I literally bawled my eyes out for some reason and Holly’s just over here singing ‘How Far I Read more…

Tron fights for the users – [Spoilers]

So the husband is playing Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. He reached Tron’s world and I made him stop playing. You can imagine he was immediately very grumpy I wouldn’t let him keep saving the world. Unfortunately Kingdom Hearts DDD Read more…

Tangled – Monday Movie Monologue – Why Rapunzel should’ve kicked Mother Gothel’s Tail

Ronoh Designs Rapunzel Text Art

I haven’t watched a Disney movie recently which is an absolute crime but we’ve also been playing Kingdom Hearts so it evens out. I’m craving a good Disney movie now though. I just finished playing Kingdom Hearts newest world Kingdom Read more…

Monday Movie Monologue – Coco

Let me preface this by saying I don’t actually believe in the Day of the Dead but man did I love the movie CoCo. I’m a sucker for a good family pixar movie. My heartstring were definitely pulled while watching Read more…

Monday Movie Monologue – The Little Mermaid

A quick look in my Etsy shop and you’ll find art from all the fandoms and movies I love. The very first text art I made was for The Little Mermaid. Despite popular belief, especially since my hair is currently Read more…